Hello: my name is Cuit Meza, pronounced _ (Qu'eet - Mee'za.) I Studied digital art and photography at college in the state of California in the United States. I was born and raised in the U.S.A. _ I live about five miles from the Pacific Ocean, and east of me are, beautiful mountain landscapes, forests, rivers, and lakes, where my photography, an digital photo designing skills, and ideas take shape and form . Furthermore:This year I am learning photographing, designing, and digital 3D painting, at Art Pal.Com. Finally: A friend of mind suggested, Art Pal.Com as a way to express Mother Earth and life through artistic paintings and photography. In other words: nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished _ with art and literature.

My friend was right about Art Pal.Com _ so I learned that

Good friends are hard to find,

Harder to leave,

And impossible to forget,

Friends are kept forever in the heart,

and finally a best friend will bring the best out in you.

This year I learned to express myself by learning about designing art at Art Pal.Com The name of my gallery is (www.artpal.com/cuitsgallery)

Fire Truck Gallery

Military Fighter Jets

Aviation Military Fighter Jets

Cadillac Limousine Gallery

Cadillac Gallery

Birds Gallery

The Old Trucks Gallery

The Old Cars Gallery

New Car Gallery 1

New Car Gallery 2

New Car Gallery 3

New Car Gallery 4

Old Car Gallery 5

Old Car Gallery 6

Old Car Gallery 7

Old Car Gallery 8

Jesus Christ Heals Gallery