Chad Stephens

Chad Stephens

Using common card stock Chad Stephens creates a three-dimensional world of comic book heroes and villains, from Superman to Catwoman, to designer bags, from the Birken bag to Chanel. While his work may be full of whimsy, it is carefully constructed and created. In his studio Chad cuts tears, sands, shreds, paints and manipulates paper in varying weight to create these fanciful artworks.

"I was inspired by the work of Ron Chespak," Ron Chespak died in 2005 at the age of 45 from liver disease. He had operated the 1254 Art Gallery in Laguna Beach and the Ron Chespak Gallery in Palm Springs. Chespak won many awards and was recognized world wide for his unique use of paper. Chespak's work has been shown at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, to the Olly-O children's book. With Chespak as my mentor, "He released in me the notion that paper, as sculpture, was just as powerful as paper covered in words. I do not carry on his legacy , but I carry on the ideal that Chespak set in motion: That creativity knows no bounds and paper knows no limits."

The paper sculpture of Ron Chespak combined depth and comosition with stark white objects. " Mine, strong vivid color and use of bright neon, pop art colors." The work is graphic and bold but relatable to all. "I spend many hours creating each piece. I do not simply 'cut' paper. The images I chose evoke many emotions - mostly positive, joyful ones. Recognizable and iconic, my work is meant to evoke joy and what makes life fun.

Chad has taken the same paper and created wearable art. His super hero costumes have the look of leather and satin. "The costumes continue my quest to take paper beyond something on a pad. I love what I do. I love that my work brings a smile to people. I love that I can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary."

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