C. Schell Photography

C. Schell Photography


Originally hailing from the East Coast, Chris now resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

A lover of art, Chris began experimenting in paints at an early age. After focusing his career primarily in oils he began to focus on photography and vintage film manipulation.

Chris holds a BFA in Applied Art Studies and has had work featured in many galleries, one man shows and museums both in the U.S. and Europe.

In 2007 Chris began building on the tradition of Polaroid SX70 film manipulation by developing techniques to manipulate the faster and less pliable Polaroid 600 films. These works are created not in the computer, but on the film itself as it is being exposed. All prints a sold are re-prints on canvas of the original polaroid film. The film originals are available for purchase, framed, signed and mounted with the story of each photograph on the back. Contact Chris for pricing of these one off prints.