Csaba Deak Art Creations


Creative photography is a fine art that captures the hearts and minds of many and taking a photo to match these characteristics is simply majestic. Likewise, a picture is worth a thousand words and discovering you have a passion and skill for this, following it is fulfilling and worthwhile. I’m Csaba Deak, a lover of Mother Nature, and close up photographer who showcases the beauty around and is based in UK, Boston, Lincolnshire. I started photography at the age of 13years and for over 33 years long years it was just a hobby until a few years ago when I started to sell my pictures through agencies. A decision I take pride in. I enjoy shooting close ups as well as photographing landscapes and wildlife. My portfolio boasts of stunning and breath-taking photos with a clear cut show of my mastery of the art and a unique creative style. I believe memories are perfectly captured if the photographer is creative and passionate about their work; a combination I conclusively represent.