CS84 Creations

CS84 Creations


Thank you for checking out my Gallery and for wanting to know more about the person behind the images you see :)

I'm Going to keep it short and sweet by letting you know I'm a Female Artist form South West London (although most people assume that I am man from looking at my work) I still don't know why...

Anyway... Anything creative I LOVE! I'm a qualified Artist, Hair stylist/Makeup Artist, I write poetry, I do photography and I'm now trying to sell my art to help raise money towards a project of mine, which is helping Young People/Teenagers to express themselves through Art and Creative Writing classes.

If you would like to know more about me and to see more of my creations please visit my website: (to be announced before mid- July)

Please feel free to view more of my art by following me on instagram: cs84creations

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