Crystals Gallery

Crystals Gallery

' Dare To Dream'

Most of my Paintings are Acrylic on Canvas. Varying sizes. I've been experimenting with sand and other texturing techniques.
I'm finding it very interesting and rewarding.

All Paintings available for sale are sold by the square inch from .95 cents to $1.25 per.
Pricing does not include shipping and handling.

So come with me now and let me share with you my world 'Where Dreams are Painted'.

You will find an array of impressions that come from my heart and soul. The use of color, contrast and depth grows and grows with every new work of Art.

Painting soothes the soul, creativity excites, and beauty gives you life

It's whimsical, spontaneous, peaceful and fun.

You will feel like you've been taken to another world, another place.