Crowjan Designs

Crowjan Designs

"I never asked for much. Just appreciation for what I do. I've been drawing since I was 6. Finding my artistic niche was difficult growing up with no money, no supplies, and little to no support. Needless to say that I grew up frustrated and angry at my situation. By the time that i was a teenager, I was taking out that anger through less than legal artistic means, Graffiti. I'd been caught plenty of times by property owners and police, taken home in squad cars, and run off of property, leaving half completed works. This wasn't working, but I loved it so much. Creating beautiful works that somebody, somewhere would look at and see a piece of my soul. One officer that had taken me home asked me why I did what I did. I told him that I wanted to do art, big bold and beautiful art. He then asked me why I wouldn't I want to do art that people would appreciate instead of be angry at and eventually erase? Wouldn't I want to make art that people would be able to see and appreciate for ages? He said that I had a lot of talent and really wanted to see my art in a gallery where I would receive the respect that I deserved for my talent instead of on a back alley brick wall where I would only be seen as a criminal. I'd never received praise for my art before. So, I took it to heart. I began looking into all forms of visual art and stretching out creatively."

"I joined the military to get some kind of direction in life and traveled to many different places and seeing many different artistic mediums. I was inspired artistically and for once in my life had a goal to attain. Through the discipline that I gained in the service, I decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life, one way or another. Upon returning from Bosnia, I went to college for Graphic Design where I was able to polish my craft as well as learn the mechanics of art as a business."

"It's been an uphill battle making my art accessible to the public. It still is. I'm 34 years old with a wife and three kids. Anyone with children will know how difficult it is raising a family as well as carrying through with your passion. Living in a town that finds no value in art doesn't help. But, I find ways. Today, I paint when I can, sketch drawings every chance I get, and I'm looking into sculpting and mask making. I work at a Bowling Alley as a mechanic. In my off time, I do design work for various clients, including the Scary Noises! Podcast, Drawing First Blood Podcast, various Haunted Attractions (I'm honored to call 7th Street Haunt my haunt family), and UWA Wrestling under the banner of Crowjan Designs."

Crowjan Designs began as a means to create art for various audio and video outlets. Now, Crowjan is a functioning design studio that creates t-shirt designs, logos, cover art, posters, fliers, and other such pieces. Crowjan Designs, Designing Your Life!