This is the art gallery of Caitlin Chen, a 16-year-old artist in Central Florida. Her art focuses on being both visually appealing and thought-provoking. She uses various forms of media to convey different textures, tones, and moods. These include colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor paint, charcoal, and graphite. Her work has received multiple awards in national and international competitions, including the Alliance for Young Artists, Scholastic Art & Writing, and the Reflections Art Program. You can find more about her artwork at her website

Currently, there are two separate collections, Chinese Zodiac and Environmental Advocacy. Art pieces in Chinese Zodiac are based on the the work she finished in AP Studio Art during her freshman year of high school.

Environmental Advocacy collects three pieces related to environmental conservation, an issue about which she deeply cares. All profits from this group will be donated to non-profitable organizations for this cause.

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Chinese Zodiac

Environmental Adavocacy