Tarun Cherian Spiritual Artist

Tarun Cherian Spiritual Artist


In the mid 1970’s, I began to have a series of experiences that stretch our idea of reality. In one of the first I merged with a cyclone raging across Madras {Chennai}. As experience followed after experience, the narrow 18th c rational view of reality taught in schools and college began to fray. Out of Body Experiences, Past Life Visitations, Dazzling Visions of Light… all lead finally to an epiphany. In the late 1980’s I was lead to The Heart of Creation, an all-embracing place of dazzling joy, freedom, power. I still spent years crosschecking whether it was all in my head. Or whether it really is something that describes the foundations of existence.

From the 1990’s I began to explore the farscapes of the inner universe. Along the way I became an Aura Master, Founded a Healing System {Devadhara Healing}, Crafted a pathway for spiritual seekers… Among other things I talk to animals, trees, ghosts, angels… Reveal Past Lives to people.

Art, Philosophy & Poetry have been an essential part of this journey. I did not reach my core visions through meditation, or prayer. It was Art that pushed me to stand on the edge. When like the Dadaists & absurdists, I hammered on the doors of the unfeeling universe it played a rude and joyous practical joke on me. It revealed the universe in not unfeeling. That life has depth. That oblivion is a cheap impostor.

When I had my first Art Exhibition in Delhi, I was using spiritual symbols. Similar to the ones I used to awaken people’s auras and heal people’s incurable illnesses. The works looked stark and dramatic. When the show opened I noticed something amazing, the works radiated inner power too. The gallery felt like a neo-stonehenge. This has become my core practice. Art that blesses. That invites the divine.

I have had 6 solo art exhibitions at a range of Galleries like India International Centre Delhi, Chitra Kala Parishath Bangalore, and Alliance Francaise de Bangalore. My work is treasured by a few collectors across the world, who discover it does indeed radiate inner and outer power.

Says an art critic: “For centuries Hindu philosophy has held on to its beliefs in the ultimate ananda… That (Tarun) Cherian has set out to rediscover and redefine it visually is indeed his forte.” – Aruna Bhomwick, The Statesman, Delhi.