Sandeep's gallery

Sandeep's gallery

I am a highly intuitive artist with graduation in Multimedia Animation, I have done artwork in Print as well as Digital medium including Digital paintings, 3D models with texture and lighting. I love nature, historic structures, fantasy landscapes, original characters and realistic concepts either mech design or from nature.
I collab mystic magician mindset with technology and nature to make something new and bizarre that appeals to the viewers.

I hope you like my art on my page ☺♥

Coming from a Sikh background I believe in Spirituality and oneness of mankind and all aspects of universe and nature with a broad mindset and a bit conservative attitude, my openness allows me to view every situation from all angles and perspectives possible to gain deep insight into everything and come up with best solution. Balanced on both Logical and Creative side. I love Writing, Painting, sketching, travelling to new places and adventurous ordeals. I have no interest in politics whatsoever, but I see space as a great frontier.

Hope to meet other artists like me with similar mindset.

Water Color Paintings

Pen and Ink

Digital Paintings

Color Pencil and Oil Pastels

Art with Pencil on Paper