Creative Saint Keith Neil's Art Gallery

Creative Saint Keith Neil's Art Gallery

Hello, my name is Keith Neil.

I am a Minnesotan artist that loves colors and creating artwork passionately. I spend my workday in my art studio and get outside as much as possible.

I enjoy being creative often and have been creating artwork all of my life.

I love the great outdoors and I often find my art reflects nature and has an organic quality to each created art piece.

Nature gives me energy and I enjoy gazing upon and exploring nature everywhere I go in the world. So many hidden gems, that need to be discovered and explored, are waiting for us everywhere.

Most of my work displayed here is done through fluid art. However, I also use brushes, ink, and pencils to create artwork.

Feel free to peruse my artwork and reach out to me with any questions you may have?

And feel free to share my page with your Friends, Family, and Followers.