Debra March - Artist

Debra March - Artist

I have painted on and off as a hobby since I was a child. My grandmother gave me a set of oil pastels and oil paints along with a canvas and I completed my first landscape at the age of eight, which is still in the possession of my artist aunt.

I am self taught except for a few classes at the Ontario College of Art and local galleries. I expand my art knowledge by attending workshops and art museums during my travels.

Like many, I am inspired by the natural world and the world of spirit. I create what I see through the feelings I experience when viewing an object or place therefore I do not confine myself in one genre or style of working although my abstract work is generally impressionistic.

Painting predominantly in acrylic and watercolour, I plan to return to oil as I enjoy the flexibility of that medium. I also create using pastel, coloured pencil and pen and ink.

Should you wish to commission a painting, discuss your ideas or inquire about a painting please feel free to email me or visit my Facebook or Instagram page, Debra March_Artist.

I do however have one request, please do not copy or reproduce my work without my permission.



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