Creative Concepts

Creative Concepts

“I love food too much to be a starving artist…”

I used to neglect to mention that I was an artist when meeting new people. There’s more pressure and assumption that comes with the word “artist” than most people realize. The first thing people ask after you proclaim yourself an artist is “what kind of art do you do?” While this is a legitimate question, it always gave me pause. I did whatever moved me in whatever medium I could get my hands on. For many years, I would simply say “a little bit of everything.”

This sentiment often was received with a knowing nod, as if all subsequent questions they may have had were already answered. Why? Because most artists specialize in something… they have a certain style or medium… or they prefer a certain subject. Having flexibility regarding the mode in which I expressed myself seemed to translate in the heads of others as “she dabbles, but isn’t really good at anything.”

If people are truly curious, sometimes they’ll follow up with, “Well, what’s your best medium?” This one always seems to stump me. I’ve dabbled in oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, inks, pencil, various types of clay, as well as wood working. It’s far easier for me to convey the mediums in which I have no experience or can’t afford. I don’t anticipate doing any sculptures in bronze in the near future or welding stained glass masterpieces.

When acquaintances hear from others that I’m an artist, they usually don’t really believe it at first. If I’m honest, I can’t blame them. When people think of artists, they generally don’t imagine a mom of two that maintains a 9 to 5 job with an upbeat attitude. They think of angsty individuals that use their art as a way to express whatever injustice or pain they’ve experienced. I like food too much to be a starving artist, and I’ve never aimed to share my pain with the world. Everyone has had their own share of rough times, and what I always wanted to share was hope. My goal with my art is to have it resonate on a level that either the color, composition, or subject brings some small level of joy to the beholder.


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