Prints from Creation Creatures

Prints from Creation Creatures

There is art in everything. Art was a wonderful outlet for me as a child and still is today. I am a passionate supporter of art education for the many benefits that art education provides to students. I continue to explore art mediums and methods to benefit myself and my students.

After discovering that art was my strength in elementary school, I knew that art would be part of my future. I was fortunate enough to earn a small scholarship to help toward my studies at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire where I earned a BA in graphic design and a Master's degree in art education. While working toward my undergraduate degree, I had the privilege of a study abroad in Seville, Spain. My journey has been a long one, interrupted with a salaried manager's position in retail for over 10 years. A recurring dream encouraged me to enroll in a Master's of art education program at Plymouth State. I am now teaching art to adults and K-8.

One of my dreams is to own a home by the ocean where I can paint the waves. Another is to create acceptance for those suffering of or as a result of mental illness.

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