Art is about freedom and creative expression. Being an artist is first and foremost about feeling free to create. It is about expressing what is inside you, expressing something that potentially and others have not expressed before or have expressed in a different way. It is about expressing what you want and maybe even need to express.

I see myself as a artist need to express.... I have been painting off and on for 30 years , I took art classes when in high school I remember the teacher would say a blank canvas is a new beginning of a new vision of life... I would buy some canvas and sit and stare at the empty canvas and then I would begin to start putting color on the blank canvas not really knowing where I am going with it, then shapes and objects would just appear ..
I enjoy painting as a hobby, family and friends would like some of my work and I would give them as gifts. Many of my paintings reflect places I have seen, and relate to my emotions ( meaning) painting is great therapy for the heart and mind..
When I didn't have canvas I would pick a wall and create me another world ..

I am a crafty person, I also do bead work & Jewelry , Photography love black & white photos, quilting/sewing and wood carving, I find my self getting into anything creative ..

I love my creations , they are my insight of my being, But times are hard for me just had back surgery and been out of work for awhile with no income ....

All my paintings are done with Acrylic paint, and on stretched canvas. varies sizes.. Best Offers are excepted email me please