I'm the grandson of the artist, Tom Mangel. He left over 100 paintings for me, and hopefully I will have most of them uploaded to the gallery.

About the Artist:

WWII vet, follower of the Hudson River artists of the early 19th century school of landscape artists. Tom retired from industry at the age of 40 and immediately took up his lifelong dream of painting. Tom spent time learning his craft in a variety of places: San Miguel de Allende and San Luis de Potosi in Mexico, Taos, New Mexico and at artists gatherings throughout the Southwest United States.

Tom created over 500 individual pieces and also was contracted by wealthy patrons to create specialty works for their enjoyment. Most of his work is now in the hands of private collectors who have purchased these pieces during the nearly 40 years of his career.

These works demonstrate years of patience and dedication to his love of art.