Craig Bak

Craig Bak

Fractal Artist creating art using open source fractal editing software.
I like to make art that is unexpected and which you can look at for a while and see things that don't necessarily appear at first glance.

Fractal art is a world unto itself, you can follow patterns or see things that only you find interesting until you point them out, or not!

I enjoy mixing different types of fractals to create a scene instead of just patterns, by blending 2D and 3D fractals.

You may notice that my palette is my most useful tool and selecting the appropriate colours is the first consideration in my mind usually.

Fractal art is fast becoming a growing medium for digital artists, because this art form is versatile and can be applied in multiple ways. The larger a print is, the better, as you will be able to study the whole image in a much finer way.
As well, these images look fantastic if viewed on large screen TV's like 4K Ultra High Definition display units.

If interested in finding free 4K images to view on screens, please visit my website at -
There's a large collection of images available for download at no cost.

Thanks for viewing!

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