Charlie’s Art Bio

Artist Charlie Patton began his painting career as a young child in Southern Indiana surrounded by the beauty of the Midwest. His love of art began with his first teacher, a 92-year-old artist named Emma Schultz who had been a German Impressionist painter at the turn of the century. Sitting with her during their first painting session, young Charlie was amazed by the old woman's ability to turn a simple canvas and piece of charcoal into a beautiful rendering with a few trained strokes. From that point, Charlie began his passion for art.

While pursuing multiple successful careers, over several years, Charlie arrived at the renowned Laguna Institute of the Arts in Laguna Beach, after which he traveled to Europe and studied at the Florence Academy of Art in beautiful Florence Italy. There he both expanded and refined his artistic abilities and upon returning to the United States experimented in Mixed Media, Abstractionism, and Contemporary Art. Settling in Los Angeles, Charlie has had his collections shown in a variety of galleries and shows, gaining local, national and international praise for his creativity and willingness to push artistic limits.

Charlie Patton resides in Santa Monica, CA and works from his inspired studio in Malibu, CA . Charlie's recent work is in several collections around the world thru corporate and private institutions.

Artist Statement

I pursue the process of making art with fearless efforts to be original and most importantly to be in love with art.

I work in a wide variety of styles and materials constantly exploring methods and process. Currently I am using college and mixed medium as the primary source of creating art. My studio allows me to paint on a large scale with multiple canvas in various stages of completion . Sometimes I like to paint with a common palate (Color) to execute color harmony in a series. My Studio is located in a plant nursey overlooking the ocean in Malibu , CA . This environment inspires me to use the natural world I observe in both its grand size and existing beauty.
To me art is about connecting with people, so I strive to connect or relate to human instincts and visceral intuitive responses. I have been in love with art all my life and I intend to create art of the rest of my life .



1980 -82 Hutchinson Jr College Hutchinson Kansas

1982-83 Santa Monica Community College, Santa, Monica, CA

1984 -85 UCLA Los Angeles, CA

1997-98 Laguna Institute of the arts

2004 -05 Florence Academy of the arts


intersecting lines series

Black &White sereies