Alexis Couzino

Alexis Couzino

Born in Québec city and now established in Montreal, Alexis Couzino is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, performance, collages and printing.

He began his studies in art five years ago with the certificate in visual arts of Université Laval. At that time, it was the need to confirm his identity as an artist that motivated him. Quickly he understood and accepted the fact that the question of identity would remain in motion all his life. However, he has grasped the scope of his creativity and this is what prompted him to pursue further with the BFA of Visual Arts, still at Université Laval. Then touching all types of mediums, the self-representative character of his work and his interests seemed already made for photography. Yet, he had the chance to meet professional performers in a course on this subject, which fed and stimulated his photographic work in a completely different way. His first series dealt with so-called "soul-sister" relationships and was always derived from documentation of his own performances. As his medium was now knew, he needed to get out of the academic world and explore the possibility of spreading in a vibrant and fertile community into the professional network, especially the artists centers. In the same year, his photo work served as visual support during a 3-day performative event at the Le Lieu art center. Exhibition jointly created with a graduate master of theatrical studies, it was a hybrid between classical exhibition, spontaneous performance and staging. Still with the aim of acquiring more professional experiences he has also made an artist residence in Israel this summer.

He was accepted to Concordia University with a portfolio that focused on the representation and personification of the relationship he had with his sister. Thanks to their evident and troubling physical similarities they explore certain themes such as twinning, alter ego, symmetry and completeness. Being also in the field of research in visual arts their interest for each other also comes from their dialogical process that makes them leave their comfort zone. Following the recommendations of most of his professors he decided to continue this corpus. For the last two years, however, he has established a new work around a suggestive aesthetic style that raises questions about human relationships, sexuality, sensuality, self-abandonment, persistence and fragility. This work takes the form of digital collages printed on rich and kitsch surfaces, such as velvet or cuirette, which increases the aesthetic impact and meaning.

These projects always require the sharing of intimacy between the models and Alexis. That's why he mostly photographs friends or acquaintances of long dates. He now claims to have found strength and singularity through this style. Today, He is working on the development of these two corpuses, which intersect and influence each other.

Art, the process of creation naturally fits into his way of life. It is constantly moving and forces him always to relocate himself.

He has yet been exposed in Québec City, Montréal, Tel Aviv and Luxembourg City.