Art Creations By Ann Price

Art Creations By Ann Price

Ann sees art in everything. So, while she is doing her touring
worldwide doing charitable works or, on holiday she delights in taking photography. Those photographs are turned in Paintings, Photo Prints, and merchandise for your enjoyment.

Her art medium is a vast assortment. From creative Photography, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Painting, to All-natural material such as real eggs and clays.

In her creations, you will see Ann, her family, and pets. You will also see animals in their natural habitat. Her home, her gardens, ancestral homes, toured gardens. Her Holiday and Touring detonations.

Her Interest is in Photography, Gardening, History, Architecture, Nature.

Her valued entertainment options are always Classical Music, Symphonies, Ballet’s, Opera’s, Theatrical Play’s, Art Gallery’s, Museums and Nature.

Contact Countess Ann Price
Phone: (888) 659-9372