Counselor Counselet

Counselor Counselet

Ms. Counselor Counselet (widow) is a successful artist who has sold countless paintings at a Senior Art Gallery in NYS. She enjoys painting with water based oils or acrylic's on masonite or foam mat's.

Ms. Counselet has painted several self-portraits from her younger years in the entertainment field. She loves to dance and favor's a style of the mid-eastern arts and ballroom.

Ms. Counselet is also a successful published author whose autobiography of diary notes "Born To Testify" may be purchased through book stores such as the Barnes & Noble warehouse and Amazon.

Mother and grandmother, Ms. Counselet is concerned for the welfare of all children besides her own and would love to have the power to make changes everyone talks about but has not taken action to do. One of the most important is the removal of all the poisons government, FDA and other organizations have allowed into our personal products, food and beverage system here in America and other countries that cause so many health and mental issues.

Common sense is a value and Ms. Counselet likes to paint what is in good taste for peace, harmony and the enjoyment of clean entertainment.
It is easy to understand that a painting is only worth the value for what it is sold for so this artist welcomes the value you place and pay for over and above the price she has placed here on ArtPal.

Counselor presently resides at 21156 Cold Spring Lane, Cornelius, NC 28031.