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Currently working mostly on digital art and have produced over 3000+ illustrations. On occasion I will take a commissioned Fine Art piece, usually done in oil paint on canvas. I’m also making digital art for clients including T-shirt graphic art, murals, book covers, CD and DVD covers, computer games, art for their websites on a worldwide basis. Buyers also contact me directly to buy my digital images which I put on CD's and mail to them or transfer them using My favorite subjects to portray are Paleo art including dinosaurs and prehistoric trees and plants, Unicorns, Pegasus, horses, fairies, magicians, volcanoes, Outer Space, Science Fiction, Victorian Era, Art Nouveau, American Indian, Egyptian (Old Kingdom), Ancient Roman culture, Ancient Greek culture, Medieval Age, dragons, whales, sharks, underwater scenes and many others. I'm always trying to improve my work in an ongoing process. Hope you enjoy my images and visit my gallery often to see my new paintings. Just to let you know, I am also known on the Internet by the trade name of 'Coreycupcake' and also 'Catmando'.
My digital art is selling on a worldwide basis through associations with numerous websites on the Internet. Buyers use my art on TV Series:
The Flash: Season 1, Episode 9 'The Man in the Yellow Suit' wall art Barry's bedroom when he was a boy my image named 'Argentinosaurus Herd'.) (The Flash: Season 1, Episode 17 'Tricksters' wall art Barry's bedroom when he was a boy my image named 'Argentinosaurus Herd'.) ), ( The Flash: Season 2, Episode 21 'The Runaway Dinosaur' wall art Barry's bedroom when he was a boy my images named 'Argentinosaurus Herd' and 'Spinophorosaurus in Swamp'.
Pawn Stars: 'London Pawning' Season 7, Episode 20 featured my image called 'Steamer Ship' in the three questions and answer segment.
My shark image called “Great White Shark Attack” on book cover titled '12 Days of Terror' featured on CBS News Sunday Morning.
Mysteries of the Unexplained - Air Dates 10/04/2017, and 10/27/2017. Featured my image called “Submarine” on Channel 38 WADL.)
PBS TV show called “Eons - A Quick Introduction to Eons” featured my image “Ocean Opabinia” PBS TV show called "Eons - The Trouble with Trilobites" first aired 6/26/2017 Featured my image "Trilobite ptychoparia" PBS TV Show called "Eons - How did the dinosaurs get so huge?" first aired 10/03/2017 Featured my images "Argentinosaurus on White", “Sauroposeidon on White” and "Paraceratherium with Babies".
Science Channel featured my illustrations called “Dire Wolf Tail” and “Dire Wolf on White” in “Lost Beasts of the Ice Age”.
Sharkfest National Geographic TV, "Cannibal Sharks - Case of the Prehistoric Cannibal" featured my illustration "Orthacanthus on White".
On October 13,2019, and June 14, 2020 60 Minutes TV Series had an updated story called the "Great White" featuring my image called "Great White Shark Body",




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