Copper Whimsea's

Copper Whimsea's

I am a self-taught copper artist. I've been an artist doing art & craft shows for 28 years.

My diverse artwork is handcrafted and enhanced with various patinas creating one-of-a-kind hues in unique designs.

I shape, bend, curve and tint the copper to conform to these mental images. The finishes are worked and formed over time like fine wine becoming more beautiful with age.

I find the finish is the essential component to every piece I create. I specialize in Florida sea-life and whimsical characters that I create in my mind which is overflowing with a huge sense of humor.

Once, when I was asked in an interview, “Why I create such funny creatures?"
I quipped, “Life is too serious. If my artwork can make someone smile than I have accomplished what I have set out to do”.

My wall art is made from copper with various colorizations or patinas.
Copper does not rust but naturally oxidizes to create different hues.

In nature, there is a dull finish on copper when it oxidizes.
My works are treated with an acrylic coating to create sheen as well as to bring out the colors giving them a long lasting use for many years to come.