Lokesh Coomar Wildlife Art

Lokesh Coomar Wildlife Art


Lokesh Coomar started drawing when he was four years old. His drawings did not look like much, but he was more than happy to do them. It was around that time he had seen his first elephants. He was completely smitten by them. At the time, he did not know why he liked them. However, one thing was certain, he would not stop. Throughout his childhood, Lokesh continued to draw elephants and even tried other animals. Over the years, he improved little by little. Then, when Lokesh was 15 years old, he decided to try sculpting. His first sculpture was of an elephant sitting. Soon after, he began taking up painting as well. Wildlife continued to remain his inspiration.

While he enjoys making pieces based on all types of wildlife, his true passion is still elephants. They have distinct personalities and behaviors and convey a wide array of emotions. Lokesh enjoys portraying them in his works. However, more than art, Lokesh is also deeply involved in elephant research and studies elephant behavior and psychology. He has spent the last 23 years learning everything he could about elephants, even giving a lecture on elephant behavior and psychology at Cambridge University, UK. He now serves as a Research Associate and elephant correspondent at the Kerulos Center, and is part of the team behind the All Bulls Elephant Sanctuary (ABES). Lokesh continues to use his art to fundraise on occasion, raising funds for organizations such as Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand and more recently ABES.

Wildlife is a beautiful thing that makes our world that much richer. Lokesh strives to portray wildlife so that he can share it with many more people. Hopefully through this continued sharing of his passion, others may be empowered to act and make a difference as well.