Welcome to my art page. A little bit about me..

I loved all things colors since I was a child and actually started painting on glass, ceramics and canvas way before I got to the digital art!

I have studied stained glass painting, glass fusing, charcoals,sketching And digital art making.
At the moment I have my digital art listed here on Artpal, but I do sincerely hope to have my glass and canvas also available for sale soon.

My style is contemporary, fresh, bold and usually full or colors.

That said, I do love a monochrome..

After an interesting (and tiring) career as an investment banker in my early years, I went soul searching and found that making art truly gives me the opportunity to be and express myself unapologetically.

I have studied a number of courses on art and also completed the MATS MBA at the Lilla Rogers Studio’s online school.

As I travelled the world and saw many cultures, people, their differences and their beauty.. I realised that languages are one way to communicate with people.. but we all smile in the same language!

And thus, occasionally you will find references to the innate love humans are made of, in my art.

You can find wall prints, home decor and surface patterns in my creative space.

I love illustrations too but a lot my characters are still in my imagination making glorious stories.. I hope to give them all a life very soon.

I hope you will Join me on the exploration that is life, where the importance to focus on beauty is paramount.

You can find me on Instagram:@navita.loves.colors
Or on Facebook:

I am always happy to see how you feel about my art. Please share your pictures and stories with me.

And don’t forget, we all get one beautiful spark of creativity.. and the more we use it.. the more we will have ! ( Quote by Robin Williams and Maya Angelou).

Best wishes
And wishing much beauty to you!