TNT Artspirations

TNT Artspirations

Terry & Teresa Arsenault are a husband/wife team who write, draw and paint. They live on Prince Edward Island and have three grown sons.

Terry specializes in detailed graphite drawings that take 100+ hours to complete. He also creates 2D sculptures in wood. Terry has also done some paintings in acrylic.

Teresa is author of several books, including her inspirational fantasy series, "Tales of Ellmoria". Her books are available on Amazon worldwide. Teresa also paints in watercolour, acrylic and encaustic.

In 2022, the couple plans to release a new body of work where they combine their skills of wood sculpture and encaustic painting. This work will be called, "Beauty from Ash".

The print-on-demand paintings available here are a small sampling. To see more of Terry & Teresa's work, check out their web site at