Art by Konstantinos Charalampopoulos

Art by Konstantinos Charalampopoulos

Thank you for stoping to my art gallery . Born in Patras - Greece, and grew up in Athens-Greece which I am currently living .My interestI for the art started from my childhood. and continues with the same passion for creativity and originality after 45+ years of drawing-painting . Started my first steps as self taught .This period was reading books about art and painting study works of the great masters . While I was working on paintings I started to create my own works and developed my own style that keeps the best of Impressionism and expressionism style .Both I love too . My way and rule of my life is to don't copyright other works . ART means for me " FEELING ,EXPRESSION and CREATION " .and I try to give these emotions through the colors. I am optimistic person and I love the use of warm and brilliant colors. My initial inspiration comes from my fantasy and nature but I like to experiment on other styles mediums and .materials I have painted works using Oils, Acrylics ,Oil pastels and pencils. Because everything media has it’s own character and sign on the art. Subjects varies and depends of my desire . During my art life I received 4 times award as participated on High-school exhibitions at ages 16-18 and 12 times awards in international on-line competitions .As I mentioned before my first steps on art was as self-taught artist But later I studied for 4 years in Art College . I also have attended seminars on Aesthetic and History of art for 3 years . The most of my works includes landscapes portraits and still life but I have painted and other style works A large number of my artworks has been sold to buyers from Asia, Europe, USA and Japan . I also have offered artworks for social purposes . I love to keep notices . So when I go for coffee or day trips with my moto I have always my color pencils and a sketching block and of camera ! Most of my landcape works have inspired that way ! A part of my free time I use to spend on my hobbies ( Marathon runner and playing guitar ) I am member of International initiatives worldwide ( IN3 ) Participated in many exhibitions Solo and with other artists over the years . If you like to buy an original work contact me via mail . Shipping cost is included on the price . A tracking number will be send to you after shipping of 2 working days . Payments received only via Paypal.

Studies( Painting-Drawing) 4 years in Art College /Athens-Greece ( 1980-1984 )
Seminars 3 years on Aesthetic and History of Art ( 2001-2004

Stockholme 11/7/2014
Castello Chiaramontano 21/9/2014-11/10/2014 Siscily
Bacelona on January/2015 (8/1/2015-23/1/2015
Madrid on February 2015 ( 7/3/2015-21/3/2015 )
Paris on July 28 - 2015 ( Excibition at Arte france )
Dallas opening reception 6-301/2016 !Dallas opening reception 6-301/2016
Νew York June 23-30/6/2016 ! Participation with 6 works
Artbox project Bassel 1 in June 2017
Artbox project in NEW YORK 5/3/2018
ART BASSEL ART WEEK MAIMI 2019 2-8/12/2019
Barcelona 1 18-22/3/2020

Impressionism landscapes

Still life