Art by Konstantinos Charalampopoulos

Art by Konstantinos Charalampopoulos

.Born in Patra / Greece, and grew up in Athens/Greece which I am currently living .
Started my first steps on painting-drawing from my childhood. and my passion for creativity and originality after 45+ years is growing up day by day . .Thiose years I was reading books about art and painting study works of the great masters . While I was working on paintings I started to create my own works and developed my own style that now a days we call Conteporary Impressionism . . My rule is to don't copyright other works . ART means for me ' FEELING ,EXPRESSION and CREATION ' .. I love to paint the idea and drama and not much details because I consider this too complicated in our days with too much anxiety and data . So I use warm and brilliant colors.because I live in Meditteranean country which the sunlight gives a bit of warnth on every object reflects . Inspired from Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne because their personality and passion is similar to my culture and use my fantasy and my memory from my travels to create my artworks... Landscapes a bit more of my artworks because I am nature lover . Although landscape painter I am artist too ..there is no limit in styles mediums and .materials. So I have painted works using Oils, Acrylics ,Watercolors and pencils. Because everything media has it’s own character and sign on the art. Subjects varies and depends of my desire exept from comission works that have dimensions and subects according to desires of my customers .. During my art life I received 4 times award as participated on High-school exhibitions at ages 16-18 and 12 times awards in international on-line competitions .As self-taught artist later I attented art lessons for 4 years at art school.. . I also have attended seminars on Aesthetic and History of art for 3 years . Learning and experience never stops in art . . A large number of my artworks has been sold to buyers from Asia, Europe, USA and Japan . Also have offered artworks for social purpose
I am member of International initiatives worldwide ( IN3 ) Participated in many exhibitions over the years solo and with other artists .

Studies( Painting-Drawing) 4 years in Art College /Athens-Greece ( 1980-1984 )
Seminars 3 years on Aesthetic and History of Art ( 2001-2004

Stockholme 11/7/2014
Castello Chiaramontano 21/9/2014-11/10/2014 Siscily
Bacelona on January/2015 (8/1/2015-23/1/2015
Madrid on February 2015 ( 7/3/2015-21/3/2015 )
Paris on July 28 - 2015 ( Excibition at Arte france )
Dallas opening reception 6-301/2016 !Dallas opening reception 6-301/2016
Νew York June 23-30/6/2016 ! Participation with 6 works
Artbox project Bassel 1 in June 2017
Artbox project in NEW YORK 5/3/2018
ART BASSEL ART WEEK MAIMI 2019 2-8/12/2019
Barcelona 1 18-22/3/2020

Impressionism landscapes

Still life