My work with water drop photography reveils the beauty I have found and
continue to find in a drop of water. One can hardly imagine the beauty and
complexity that can be held within a tiny drop of water. I choose to work
with moving water, incapsulating refractions and reflections as the drop falls.


Born in Nova Scotia, Connie was one of the first photographers to embrace
working with refractions in free falling water drops. Her work is admired
by fellow photographers and artists. Connie created seven water drops images
between 2008 - 2016, that were displayed on Time Square, New York City
as Kodak's Moment of The Day, chosen from world wide submissions. March 24, 2016
The Guysobrough Lighthouse Drop was her seventh image to be chosen by Kodak.
Connie has exhibited her work with the Eastern Shore Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS)
at three separate venues,and has shown at the Sunsburry Gallery in Saint Andrews
NB, the GG Gallery in PEI, The Corridor Gallery Halifax and exhibits yearly at the
Seacoast Trails Art Associations Exhibition and Sale.She is a member of the Winding
River Gallery. Her work is internationally known and her story on how and why the
water drop became such a big part of her life was featured in the Feb 2012 issue of
the Saltscapes Magazine.
Connie continues to create new techniques to showcase the amazing qualities
that she finds in a single drop of water.

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