Art by Connie

I have loved art as long as I can remember. The sense of creating something gives me immense joy and satisfaction. It gives me a feeling of empowerment through creativity. I am a self-taught artist (I am a biotechnologist by profession). I started drawing at a very young age and learnt how to draw and paint from various instruction books and videos and acquired valuable knowledge from artists I knew. I also took advantage of a few art classes over the years. I am still learning as there is always something to learn.
My art is greatly inspired by what I see and experience around me. I am inspired by life and the beauty of nature. Nature captivates me the most as it changes constantly and so I gravitate towards it. I mostly paint landscapes and flowers. I love painting abstracts as well. I use a lot of colours as they add a lot of drama to my paintings. I also do still life with graphite pencils. I draw and paint in layers to bring out the essence of the object compared to the background.
I create art for myself, for my soul. I believe, art in any form, is meant to bestow happiness, for oneself and for others. However, one’s own satisfaction by creating art should be indispensable. I love to express myself through art. I believe a piece of art can be viewed in numerous ways depending on the viewer’s perception. And that is why, there is no “bad” art.