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About Constance Grote
My painting career began nearly 35 years ago simply as a hobby. Since that time, I have studied at classes, workshops, online documentaries and Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.I have taken art workshops and lessons as well as attending art shows and belonging to art organizations. My painting is from the soul; I have great passion and feelings when freeing myself from everyday life to create on a blank canvas. My paintings are of many different subjects, painting from in the studio to plein air. This activity is one of the most delightful experiences I have undertaken. I hope you will receive much joy from viewing them.

Some college classes
Writing seminars, classes and workshops
Painting classes, workshops and art guilds
Memberships in writers groups and painting art guilds

Buell Theater show in Denver
Littleton, CO summer fair & art show
Littleton, CO end of summer festival
Heritage Art Guild's show at downtown theater
No individual exhibitions