Conner Moss Art.

Conner Moss Art.

About me ? Saddle your Horse and cock your Pistol, lets ride. Ive always been a bit of a creative. I have always found it hard to sit still unless Im engaged. Ive only been painting for about 2 years and before that I could not draw. My mum in fact banned me from drawing when I was little as I would get so frustrated trying to do so, Years later I found I had a way with words and as a young kind of dark and angry child I would use words to express this in the form of rap. I still rap.

When I was 30 I decided that I would give drawing a go, Bear in mind it had been like over 20 years and I had the fear of it for so long. All of a sudden, I could draw. I then got better pencils and moved on to paintings and the same enthusiasm I have for Rapping was released with painting. I am obsessed and cant seem to stop. I am improving, at least I feel all the time and starting to get used to different mediums. I have not been taught and I will admit I have a sense of pride in that , I know its egotistical and stupid but I don't want to watch videos as I want to know I did it all on my own and whatever random shift happened that suddenly enabled me to draw and paint remains the central drive.

I feel this is fun as I don't know how it will look and I just go with it and see what happens. I tend to paint images from Films I Love or Fighters I admire ect. Their is a genuine passion behind the images I paint and I spend a great deal of time choosing what images to draw. This process sometimes takes as long as the painting.I now have way over a Hundred paintings and its like I have a Studio. I Love them all, as in their my babies. Sadly I must get rid of some and I could do with the cash so here I am.

I would be over the Moon if I was to sell anything at all. I am very grateful for the ability to paint and its got me through some very dark times. I feel that if I didn't have creativity I wouldn't be here as its all I really have. Not being soppy ect but its true. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and I hope this leads to me selling some work as I am finally trying to get it out there, Congratulations. You have finished, Treat yourself to a cup of tea. Use a Kettle also. I have started doing so and it makes all the difference. Good luck in your life whoever you are and go get em. The World is your Oyster if your strong enough to open it.

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