Divine Design

Divine Design


We’re a small group of artists that joined forces to create authentic, contemporary works of art. We approach each piece with conscious intention, offering something deeper than simply an object to hang on the wall.

Those who practice spirituality may find our art to be functional meditative tool and with greater purpose. The depth and meaning behind each piece will not only add a contemporary look to personal or public spaces, but also the opportunity to promote a deeper spiritual connection to one’s daily practice.

Because each piece is created with a specific, positive intention, our customers select a piece that resonates with them on a personal level. Many clients appreciate both the daily reminder of their chosen message, and the way these powerful pieces assist in personal disciplines and practices.

Not to mention, they act as great conversation starters with family and guests, allowing the messages to be conveyed forward, fulfilling our goal of spreading its spiritual guidance and purpose.

Texture & Color Studies