Conjure Collage Art & Design

Conjure Collage Art & Design


Artist Statement:

Conjure Collage Art and Design is my Oakland based company whose connection to water is spiritual, natural and divine. As an artist and designer, I use my relationship with water as a catalysis to the world of symbolic reflection. The dream life, like water becomes a stage for creation without limits. At home in the serenity and solitude of my studio, memories of the face of a women at the ocean, a young man working at his craft, great monuments, and images of nature join together, divinely guided, in my mind and through my hand to create my art. Influenced by the history of my culture, I choose to embrace the aesthetic and spirituality of the African Diaspora. That choice is neither limiting nor exclusive. My passion for art, exhibits a reclamation and illumination of the ancient symbols, which portray the rituals, and stories of our collective remembrance.

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