Blair Maule

Blair Maule

Hi I'm Blair, and I work under my business name ConceptYellow, which was originally set-up in 1998 as a freelance Product and graphic design service. I stopped trading in 2003 and ever since I've been somewhat a lost sheep, until a few years ago when I started drawing and paintings again. So I'm relatively new to the art scene, well at least the sales side of the business anyway.

My work is a tale of two halves; On one hand I'm an Abstract Oil Painter, creating mostly small original art pieces around 25 x 25cm square, Though I have started producing larger work. On the other hand I'm a Digital Portrait and abstract artist, and have had my portrait work published in Xpressions Magazine, and highlighted across various online galleries through Instagram.

Rugs on the wall


Yoga & Fitness Poses

Oil Paintings