Compulsive Painter

Compulsive Painter

Richard De Marco gave me the best advice ever - Tim, he said,

Always stay west of West and away from the centre.

Of course he was talking about Art, but its good advice for living now I think.

My work has always been driven by a fascination with the changing world, contemporary culture and the history of art. These are often mixed together in what I want to be a spontaneous blend of images rich in cultural references, I hope held together by passages of pure painting and lyrical colour in a "new representationalism"

I see artists as the real superheroes of the modern world, saving us from the mundane everyday. I want my paintings to be the complete opposite of all that is around us in the world today, to provide an antidote to the pressures of life and do what art should - show us the world in a new way. I think now that there is a need for painting more than ever before. If my paintings can function as a ray of hope for some, even in some small way, then that will be a way of me doing my bit.

I studied Fine Art, University of Reading BA Hons Fine Art
Univesity of Newcastle Upon Tyne MFA painting, but am still continually learning and challenging myself to see things in new ways.