Colorida Art Gallery

Colorida Art Gallery

Colorida Art Gallery was founded in 2007. The gallery is located in Lisbon, Portugal. Its principal focus is the representation of an international group of contemporary artists whose diverse practices include painting, photography, sculpture and drawing. Embracing artists who are both emerging and established, trained and self taught, Colorida cultivates artist growth and makes a vital contribution to the European arts community. Colorida Galeria de Arte seeks to provide its artists with a solid podium that achieves both to best present the individuality of their works and to draw attention to the works inherent cultural significance. The gallery has a strong commitment to its artists and has worked with galleries and institutions around the world to establish their careers. Most of its artists have had extensive museum activity, monographs, critical acclaim and important recognition from the international collectors community. Colorida assists both beginner and veteran collectors, buying and selling contemporary works of established and emerging artists.

Skovsmose Ole

Schlueter Anne

S. Shah Krupa

Langaro Loos Fabiana

Searles Tom

Reynalds Loretta

Mrs A Rocha


Soledad Leiva Maria


Raquel Carraro

Braune Fernando

Bajema Cindy


Silper Mauro

Tom Miyasaka

Garland Marty

Saldana Patricia

Jose Francisco Arias

Howard Harris

Tal Sarna

Qing EnLin

Heba El Begawi


Nale Simionatto

Inger Lise Adolfsen

Debora Jacomo

Piero Manrique

Clecio Robson

Jose Ignacio Chouhy



Wei Xiong

Jane Du Brin

Prado Bravo Dayan

Josef Kursky

Marcio Tuller

Eliana Carvalho

Marleen Lorek

Edward Harlovic

Emanuele Biagioni

Ricardo Cunha