Original Works by Colleen Hennessy

Original Works by Colleen Hennessy


My paintings differ from my photographic work, though I am always thinking about light and shape. These are very personal pieces that have been inspired by and made for particular people in my life. Like my ceramic work, my works on paper and canvas are usually celebratory and often meant to be humorous.

Many of my pieces were painted from photographs that I made during my two years in Honduras as a Peace Corps volunteer. The faces of my kind neighbors and friends in the campo provided endless opportunities for photography and ultimately, painting. I love theme and variation, with a taste for abstract patterning and the repeated use of bold colors.

I enjoy the playfulness of paint, and I simply pull out a blank canvas or sheet of thick watercolor paper and begin with color. I quickly blend another, as spontaneously as I can and see what it starts to become. I do keep a sketchbook, but often do not follow the drawings. I like to stand up and blend colors quickly. I love working with loose brush strokes and just relaxing to see what it is meant to become. Then I often add details afterward.

Photography has indeed filled my life— filled it with endless visual excitement, as well as the challenge and satisfaction of capturing moments. It is a way of being in the world, of participating in the life of the world. Photography is the celebration of the events and wonder of life. People are my favorite subject, at home or abroad. To see, react, and record is my continuous search with no shining end in sight except to go on trying.

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