Denise Ann Brooks was born in San Antonio, Texas but was mostly raised in Detroit, Michigan. She was born to an African American father and a Jamaican mother. Denise lives in Georgia with her family. Denise received a bachelors of fine arts from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She has five children and five grandchildren. She currently teaches in the state of Georgia. Her passion is art and teaching art to children. She started a program in Detroit to teach at-risk youth art. Her program was incorporated in the public school system as an after-school program. She also incorporated crafts into her program for children. The program turned into a type of ministry for children.

Denise also has a passion for the youth to know their ethnic roots. She has painted two murals titled 'Journey from Africa' in two Detroit Public Schools. One of which has been demolished but the art remains on photographic images. Most of the images she paints is acrylic on wood. Denise favors wood and appreciates the beauty it lends to her artwork. The wood is rescued from being tossed into the trash and recycled in her art. She also does watercolor images and mixed media on canvas and wood. Give her a building to paint on and that's all she wrote. You have just increase her canvas and she is in another atmosphere. Even though painting is a passion, she enjoys working with textiles and will be incorporating that into her paintings.

Her images show struggle, friendship, laughter, faith, her spirit, family, love, history, past, present, future, life, passion, heritage. Denise feels that her spirit and heritage are most important in her artwork because it is something she can hold onto when everything seems to be changing. She can use her artwork to speak life into generations to come. Her family, her children, her faith is most important and can be expressed in her art. Denise has always tried to hold onto her beautiful background and the different cultures it offers. This shows in the images, the shapes, and color of her images.