Cocoa's Gallery

I'm Cocoa, I come from China. I have been working as an independent artist for over five years. Around over 200 pieces of artworks have been created by me so far. Majority of them are created through Oil and acrylics; Several outdoor paintings are painted by Water colors. I prefer abstract paintings because I realize they can be more accurate to express my passion and the spiritual world which cannot be seen but is often perceived by me.

Actually, it was so amazing that Holy Spirit has been working with me the most of the time during my creating work. I did meditation almost everyday; meanwhile, I got inspiration through it ! I had the eager to painted them out, since I felt it was my mission to pass on the beauty and energy and mystery from the universe to the world.

During these years, from my friends’ view and my own examine, I realize that my paintings transmit more and more power of therapeutic effect. There is usually happiness and internal peace whenever I’m painting. So, I hope my artworks contain the healing and comforting power for people who are inneed.