One Studio

One Studio

Hong Kong-born artist, age 68, Clement Tsang has been interested and involved in the arts and photography ever since he can remember. In early 60’s he studied Painting and Photography in Rome. However, after two years training his desire to paint seriously was not aroused until the time when he lived and worked in England for several years in order to learn western painting and photography. After that he made four profoundly inspiring trips to Europe.

After he returned to Hong Kong and where he studied and taught traditional Painting and photography for over 20 years. In 1990 he immigrated to Canada and set up Clement & Elsie Art Gallery. As well he set up Royal Canadian Art & Music Institute in BC, Canada. Clement is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artist (AFCA), and many of his works were chosen to be displayed and awarded. Recently Clement retired and returned to Hong Kong, and continue his teaching and painting and taking photo for leisure.

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