Amy Cloud Chen

Amy Cloud Chen

Oil Painting artist---Zekun Chen
Personal profile
Zekun Chen 1970 born in Jingzhou China, now lives in Songzhuang Art Zone Beijing. He is a very respectful and well-known Chinese oil painting artist, who used to work at European, especially German for almost 7 years. He launched a series of successful exhibitions in Europe and China from now. His works have two mainly themes, the first is Environmental Protection, the second is "Love and Humanity". One of his most famous oil paintings called "Remnant-like Carrier" selected by the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency selected as posters.

Exhibition experiences
Dec. 2000, Zekun Chen held his first personal painting exhibition successfully in Litchi Park Artists Gallery. His works "Well, ha ha" "Buddhist · Lama" and the "Weight of the spheres" were sold by auction at the highest price in successive three times.
2007, Shenzhen City Museum is also dedicated to him and held a ten-year retrospective exhibition for him. Zekun Chen and his works got widespread attention at home and abroad of the media and the public ever since then.
2006, Ze Kun was in Australia Adelaide City held a solo exhibition, it was his first overseas exhibition.
In October 2007, at the invitation of the German Kollwitz Museum, Zekun Chen went to Berlin, which is an important turning point in his artistic path. Ms. Kollwitz prints of Chinese modern printmaking have exerted great influence, her sympathy for the bottom of the working people, and she had contacts with Chinese famous writer Mr Lu Xun. Kollwitz Museum was founded in the 1980s, which possessed over 100 years history. Zekun told reporters, Kollwitz Museum invited him because they think he is a serious artist. On that occasion, Zekun spent more than two months. Since then, he went to Europe every year, his paintings have been exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam, other European cities.
Ze Kun is now the European Art Foundation and Waring (Hong Kong) Art Fund contracted painter, he was a painter of the United Nations environmental organization.

Chinese calligraphy and painting artists--Gusheng Yizhi and Zhuo Li
Gusheng Yizhi, a very respectful calligraphers in China who is already more than 70 years old, he spends almost every day of his life to practice Chinese traditional art ---Calligraphy. So obviously, those talents shown on his works are beyond all doubt.
Zhuo Li, he is a professor in Xi An Foreign Language University, and he is also one of the most talented and masterful Calligraphers and Chinese painters in China. He created a lot of wonderful works and won many awards in art creating. After all their works are very valuable and full of creation and artistry. And all works I am gonna posted on this are definitely their original works, I can use my personality as the trustworthy. If any plagiarism or fake thing happened. I can return all the payment including the fee for transportation. Welcome all the customers to visits this online store that I hold, if you have any questions , you can call or text me, even though you just want to consult the price. Any questions at anytime is ok . And I can offer the free Chinese teaching if any customer is interested in our Chinese Traditional Culture, after all, China possess a very long history and there are many valuable culture elements are spreading to the whole world. I also want to make full use of this platform to introduce Chinese Traditional valuable culture to all people.

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