Caine Wilkes

Caine Wilkes

Hi, I’m Caine Wilkes, and I’m a quiet guy.

A little shy, but mostly quiet. If I don’t have to say something, I won’t say it. If it does need to be said, I might say it. Quietly.

Being a quiet guy, I relate to the often overused quote, “Actions speak louder than words.” But regardless of its many times referred to, this proverb holds so much merit and truth behind it. In so many aspects of life – sports, work, the arts, relationships even – so many people can talk the talk, or talk up a big game.

But so few can walk the walk, and follow through with their word.

And as a quiet guy, I try to let my actions speak louder than the few words I say. The things we do, the things we don’t say, carry so much more weight behind them.

There’s power in the unsaid.

Have you ever seen the quiet athlete, preparing for an event, warming up, calculating within a stoic exterior? There’s power in that image, in that athlete. The person who puts his head down and does a daily grind day in and day out to make his small business successful? There’s power in his actions, in his mindset. The man who buys a dozen roses for his wife, not to say I’m sorry, but just because? There’s weight and power in his gift.

That’s the concept I like to focus on in my art, design, and illustrations. So much more is said in the unsaid. Less is more. However you want to say it, quietness brings a certain strength and power to the table. Potential energy waiting for its moment to burst out of the silence.

Along with my art, I have been weightlifting for twenty years, and am poised for making the 2020 Olympic team. I feel this quiet strength is also present in this sport. While it is raw power exemplified by a lift, there is also a large amount of technical prowess executed in each movement. I think I gravitate towards this notion both in my art and in my sport.

Thanks for taking a look at my work.