I create small and large-scale portrait drawings using pencil and acrylic on paper and canvas. These drawings are meticulously-rendered, elaborately staged and illustrative works that use expressive poses as well as attitude as a conduit for both personal and universal narratives.

I walk the line between the reality and the artifice of the portraits. Sometimes I use others as a stand-in (for the collective of civilization and a participant in the transgressions of humanity), sometimes I am simply playing myself and these works are detachedly recording minute personal stories as though from a journal.

Truthfully, I create my portrait paintings out of a compulsion to document and compartmentalise both fleeting thoughts and emerging prescience. Although some of my drawings can be construed as social commentaries, I do not view art as a catalyst for the transformation of society or as having the ability in itself to make social change. Rather I see art as a reflection of society which we can use as a means to identify and delineate our own beliefs and views, our own stories, and personal histories. By using the traditional medium of paint on paper, I purposefully disengage from technology to find a more fundamental and corporeal means to explore private subjects and thoughts.