Art by a Climate Scientist - Maya Chung

Art by a Climate Scientist - Maya Chung

Hi there! My name is Maya, I am a PhD student studying climate science. I study hurricanes and the ocean, how they respond to climate change, and how climate affects the spread of diseases. When I am not doing research or mentoring young scientists, I enjoy painting and drawing.

As a graduate student, I spend many hours on my work. This is why ArtPal is a great platform for me; I can sell and share my art widely, while preserving my time for science!

Any support you can offer is much appreciated and will help me on my journey to become a climate scientist. Here is the impact of your contributions (shown for small prints; larger prints have higher impact!):

1 print = office supplies / coffee
2 prints = taking a student out for lunch
3 prints = 1 annual student membership fee for a professional organization
4 prints = 1 used textbook / 1 abstract submission fee for a conference
5 prints = 1 high-quality textbook / train fare to see my loved ones

Thank you and have a wonderful day!