Clifford Peacock's Art

Clifford Peacock's Art

I have completed my Bachelors in fine arts from M.S.University in Vadodara, India. I took to various jobs in my career in the shipping industry, however drawing and painting are my passion. The tradition of abstract expressionism is brought to life in my paintings which are an expression of color and form. My work is influenced by great abstract artist like Jackson Pollock, Hans Hoffman, Jonas Gerrard, Ram Kumar and Prabhkar Kolte.

For me freedom of expression creates forms out of formlessness, which is seen in my brush strokes.This freedom of expression produces inner sensations that help bring about accidentally a fusion of colourfull forms that open the way to let the painting go where it wants to. The idea is to let energy direct you”.

“My paintings help me to keep in touch with my inner self. For me every painting is like a journey where the destination is not known, but I simply enjoy the thrill of the journey itself and when I have finished; the painting speaks for itself “I am Done”, the act of painting is a part of that experience where I do not know the end result but enjoy the thrill of painting itself, the outcome of which is a mystery.”

Abstract Landscape