Cheri Lee Photography

Cheri Lee Photography

A successful career in Photography and Graphic Design for two decades.

The development of a new and creative look in print materials for a variety of businesses, non-profits and individuals utilizing photography has been a major emphasis throughout her entire design career.

Cheri has taught a number of photography classes encouraging the basics of good photography but also teaching the individual to look with a new perspective at the various subjects. She encourages people to discover the creative talents from within as she has told them, everyone has creative talents but some have never believed or had a chance to develop them.

Her photographic experience includes portraiture, nature, landscapes, special events, weddings, children, pets, and wildlife. She has photographed the membership of large churches and developed the printed directory. Using her photography along with Adobe Creative Suite programs she has developed a number of campaign materials, new program materials, posters, invitations, cards, folders, flyers, advertisements, etc.

If you are interested in what might be developed for your office, business, or home whether it is photographs to hang, printed materials for business, advertising, brochures, photo directories, contact Cheri Lee at




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