Claude Edwin Theriault

Claude Edwin Theriault

Online Art Gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault.
Showing an extensive body of artworks from 1980-2020 to the present NFT Digital Design Crypto Logos.
Starting with early Nova Scotia Folk Art Inspiration, to Shamanic First Nations Inspired to current Symbolist paintings.
Part of the dream consciousness which has another narrative running parallel to the on canvas story.

Mostly of the Male Nude to represent Ethereal concepts not found in mainstream home decor ideas....

As well as numerous works on Paper , Pencil and Ink Drawings, Etchings,Silkscreen,Lithographs on Acid Free Paper .

Available on numerous (POD) Print on Demand platforms from T-Shirts and Coffee mugs ,to Shower Curtain and Yoga mat. Whatever format they all make a great gift shopping idea for friends and family to be wow impressed with the originality of the Wall art image.

Using many social media platforms as a self representing artist since mainstream Galleries from Halifax to within most of the province have a different agenda.

The newly emerging NFT artwork market is the greatest unlock of artist opportunity in 100+ years.

It’s evolving at a meteoric rate with records broken almost daily. It is not a passing fad; it is the new world paradigm replacing Brick and Mortar galley owners. Eliminating the middle man or Patron, impacting creative artist ,investor and consumer on a global Renaissance level

Since our walls are now screens with new digital designs coded into
the form of the Smart Contract format ERC 725 and the newer easier to code ERC 1155.
New Sale and Marketing Platforms allow artist of all styles to do that with the Minting of Dapp Coin via Intellectual Property.Allowing artist to create their own Provenance … something that has never been accessed to artist ever in history.

All placed onto the new beyond 5G Internet platform; called Blockchain being built block by block every 10 minute. With soul on fire entrepreneur artist Claude Edwin Theriault flocking to it.So as to catch the wave of the biggest transfer of wealth the human race has ever seen.

Artwork Speculation is at an all time high ,with interest in these Digital designs and the unquestionable authenticity. Serving as proof, of one of a kind Art for Sale in the Non Fungible Token Crypto Artwork the buyers buy, as they speculate on this New NFT Industry.And if the designs please them are prepared to speculate on it’s rise in value as the Crypto market worth of the artwork rises.
With Blockchain enabled NFT s being in exponential Growth a Self Representing artist : No Longer Needs the Politically Connected “ Clout” so as to have a “Patron” the relationship is artist/buyer.

NFT Crypto Metaverse Design Logos

3-D gif artworks on Blockchain.


Homoerotic Artwork Paintings

Silkscreen artworks on paper

Etching /Drawing Works on Paper