Clary Meserve

Clary Meserve

Clary Meserve -Visionary Artist and Illustrator~
Clary was born in New York, USA. But spend most of her childhood in the Caribbean islands of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. A self taught artist, and Illustrator that showed an innate quality for poetry writing, and painting since childhood focusing mainly on acrylics, oils and other mixed media. It was her love and close bond with nature and wildlife that first became the basis for her paintings which evolved with her world travel experiences, her fascination with Science, Metaphysics, Sacred Geometry, Native cultures, as well her Meditation practices are of essential value to her creative process. Her art is so much of a visionary movement as it is a theme in which she attempts to portray a colorful vision beyond physical sight and that of mystical and cosmic ideas.

Artist Statements-
“Art for me is a strong contender of how I share my thoughts and ideas of a fascinating life experience. In a culture that trains through outer perceptions I like to bring the eye of contemplation that develops our inner sight which alters heightened states of consciousness. With my paintings I want to project a loving energy that heals, and transforms us into ONE unifying force”

Art is Beauty & Brains



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