Claire Merriman

Claire Merriman

Claire was born in Leicester but lived the first few years of her life in Rheindahlen, Germany, returning to the UK at the age of six. She then grew up in Nottinghamshire until she left for art school aged eighteen. Having a somewhat nomadic adult life she has now settled in the beautiful town of Malvern, home of the renowned Malvern Hills.

Claire is a mixed-media artist who creates work with strong connections to the past, be it through her use of materials or her exploration of memories. She often incorporates found objects and fabrics in her pieces, taking their original use and re-working their designs into new patterns and forms.

Her current project - a series of 100 Lace hearts, aims to celebrate the intricate details of vintage lace. She draws directly from remnants of fabric she has found in thrift stores and antique fares, using just a pen and a magnifying glass.

She carefully considers each mark she makes on the paper attempting to follow the network of threads the original lace maker so delicately put together, but allowing the drawings to take on their own life.

These detailed drawings can take hours of dedication and love to make, resulting in a complex labyrinth of pen lines.